Systems of Care for Families

Sistemas de atención para familias

The SAISD Systems of Care connects students and families to resources that meet the needs of the whole child. Through this model, we are fulfilling our commitment to increasing families’ access to social, emotional, and academic support.

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Academic Resources

These resources support our students’ education and development in PK-12 and beyond.

Subcategories include: Athletics, Fine Arts & After School Programs, English Learners & Dual Language, Graduation & College Readiness, Instruction, Students with Disabilities, Tutoring & Learning at Home

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Family Needs Resources

These resources provide our families with guidance and assistance to remove barriers to engagement and support their child’s student achievement.

Subcategories include: Childcare, Family Engagement & Concern Resolution, New to the District, Teenage Parent Programs

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Household Essentials Resources

These resources support the general well-being and safety of our families.

Subcategories include: Food & Clothing, Housing & Utilities, Job Assistance, Legal Assistance, Medical & Dental Resources, School Supplies

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Mental Health

These resources support the social, emotional, and psychological needs of our families.

Subcategories include: Behavioral Support, Bullying, Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Grief & Bereavement, Suicide Prevention & Support

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