A needs and resources assessment of our SAISD community and target population helped us identify the most prevalent barriers to engagement and tools needed to support all caregivers. One of the identified priority areas was to develop a resource to address the social, emotional, and academic needs of SAISD students and their families, all from one easy to navigate location. This work was anchored around meaningful partnership with caregivers, with the goal of developing and launching a resource for families, by families.

Families can now use the Systems of Care Resource website to access Academic Resources, Family Needs Resources, Household Essential Resources, and Mental Health Resources.


By Families, For Families

The continuous feedback loop, driven mainly through focus groups, helped the design evolve from the initial concept to the final product.


  • All resources you need in one place
  • Visual menus
  • Focus on customer experience
  • Resources at your fingertips
  • Updated content
  • Connect to support from every section
  • Easy to browse
  • Mobile friendly
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Easily filter and search for resources

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Stakeholder Engagement Structure

The stakeholder engagement structure was critical to the success of this project.


In addition to 24/7 access to this web resource, a printed companion piece with a directory of SAISD departments and services will be provided to all families. The guide for families will be small enough to keep on your refrigerator for easy access

A Model of Continuous Improvement

This launch is only the beginning, and the website will continue to evolve as the needs of SAISD families evolve. As such, we are committed to ensuring that the content and design is always updated and relevant. The partnership and collaboration with families will continue as we establish a review subcommittee that will meet on a quarterly basis to review the site and add any new features. All families involved in the initial design, as well as new families, are invited to participate. For more information about this subcommittee, please email familyengagement@saisd.net.